Want to be a Certified Biomedical Auditor? 1st time in UAE conducting training for CBA. For any enquiry please contact- preeti 0564067614, EMAIL-preeti@transfedu.com

Jack Wilson (1)

By the end of TransformEd’s training in Certified Bio Medical Auditor, you will be able to:

  • Professional who understands the principles of standards, regulations, directives and guidance for auditing a biomedical system.
  • A Biomedical Auditor will be using various tools and techniques to examine, question, evaluate and report on that system’s adequacy and deficiencies and reports on its adherence to the criteria for management and control of process safety.

Course Contents

  • Auditing Fundamentals
  • Auditing and Inspection Processes
  • Biomedical Quality Management System Requirements
  • Technical Biomedical Knowledge
  • Quality Tools and Techniques

Who can attend :

  • Biomedical/Pharmaceutical, Quality Manager, Medical Officers, Lab Technician, Pharmacist



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